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Note, that the intro is out-dated (welcome to edit), while the plugins list below is being kept updated when new are spotted. In short, Eclipse organization before positioned itself as platform for primary desktop development. While usual Java developers were not even having dedicated page like https://www.eclipse.org/ide/ now.


Eclipse is maybe “the least known” IDE. Given the number of projects, modules, and Eclipse IDE distributions (from eclipse.org and other vendors) and no company promoting basic its usage, new user may feel little support or hard to find easy to follow path. Making complex thing (that software development is) to appear simple is an art. However learning Eclipse IDE basics will give skill set and knowledge that can be applied in wide range of Eclipse based products and IDEs.


When reading 2013 Annual Eclipse Community Report and Results of Eclipse Community Survey 2013, that are both interesting, a thought came that there is not Eclipse Users Community cared by Eclipse.

There has always been confusion with Eclipse & Eclipse platform, and are Eclipse users the users or the developers.

The problem may have been just in words. Eclipse users can refer to both platform developers and developers who just use Eclipse, for example for web projects that prevail now.


If you develop something on Eclipse platform, you are Eclipse [platform] developer.
If you develop using Eclipse, you are Java (PHP, C++, web …etc ) developer using/with Eclipse.

With Eclipse

While “using Eclipse” and “with Eclipse” both can do in this lines, “with Eclipse” can also imply other meaning like “being with Eclipse”. It is community of Eclipse users, that is maybe a bit overlooked by Eclipse.

Starting a community over some idea is not one person deal. Add your thoughts, ideas on http://with-eclipse.github.io/ site.

Discuss and share links.

Developed with Eclipse

A good idea is just add icon to your project, that proudly says “Developed with Eclipse”

with-Eclipse logo

Just use code snippet below:

<a href="http://with-eclipse.github.io/" target="_blank">
<img alt="with-Eclipse logo" src="http://with-eclipse.github.io/with-eclipse-0.jpg" />

Some project that state the use of Eclipse IDE

Eclipse plugins projects

List of some plugins for Eclipse IDE users.

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… means “slow responses”

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